Chattanooga Universal Deluxe Quick Wrap Traction Belt System

$219.00 - On Sale

The Deluxe Universal Belt System assures the highest level of patient comfort without cumbersome buckles and belts. The A/P pull force is distributed evenly to eliminate the slippage typical of older style traction therapy belt systems. Universal fit with hook and loop closures make the Deluxe Universal Pelvic and Thoracic Traction Therapy Belt System the fastest set-up ever for your traction therapy. Can be quickly wrapped, set up and receiving traction therapy with a level of comfort as never before. Includes: 1420 Thoracic Belt, 1430 Pelvic Belt and 1427 Pelvic Belt Extender.

Designed with simplicity and quick setup in mind

Universal fit wrap design with hook and loop closures

Non-slip design allows for evenly distributed anterior/posterior pull force

Allows you to wrap, set and start treatment in as little as 2 minutes